Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm LOVIN' it!

Well, I did it... I broke down and bought something to read my e-books on (other than my desktop computer). I've been debating between a straight up e-book reader or a PDA for a while but the expense of both made me hesitate.

But I finally chose.................ta-da!

The Palm Tungsten E2

So now, I can read all of my PDF e-books (I don't have to pay to get them in another format YAY!), I have my book buying spreadsheets on it and I can even modify them on there, I can listen to MP3's and watch certain video clips (I haven't tried this yet), I have pictures (it's my mobile brag book now), I have a calendar, my address book, my 'To Do' list, a memo function (no more sticky notes all over!), and many more things which I haven't explored. PLUS, it's Wifi capable! I just can't decide if I'm going to spend the extra $ to get the neccessary card to do that.

Oh, and did I mention that I have this hottie as my screen background on it? YUM!!

And, I got it for only $63 on e-bay. It's in perfect condition and came with all of the 'stuff'' and a nice case. Don't you LOVE e-bay! BIG kisses to vrod3315 who was one of the BEST sellers I've ever dealt with.

I'm so happy with my new toy!

It came in especially handy yesterday since I had to wipe and reconfigure/install my hard-drive. Grrrrrrrrr! BUT I sat and read e-books while the computer was 'working' so I was less frustrated than normal by the process.


Holly said...


I love my eBook reader. Recently I've been thinking about buying a PDA, but I haven't really researched them much. Let me know how you like yours still in another month or two after you've had it for awhile and figured out all the features, will you?

Holly said...

Oh, and that freaking picture you have as your background and on your sidebar is freaking a ma zing!

I want him, k? lol

Emily said...


Ange - The Romance Groupie said...

LOL! You can't have him... he's mine, all MINE! *evil chuckle*

I'll let you know about the PDA Holly. I did some research several months ago and came up with the E2 as the best option for me so when I finally decided to buy I already knew what I was going for. My biggest problems was some of the related computer software's compatibility with Windows Vista. I got it all worked out though, just had to download in a certain order so that it didn't freak the system out.

Y said...

awww you will share the hottie with me won't ya? *batting eyelashes*
i think when i move to the real world i might look at getting one of those.