Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Recommendation

Because we've been remodeling the kids' bedroom, I haven't had much time to read lately (I have read only two books in the last week and that is REALLY bad since I normally read 1-2 a DAY!) but one of the books I read was an oldie but goodie that is one of my favorite futuristic/paranormal romances by author Jayne Ann Krentz so I thought I'd give it a quick mention.
From the back cover:
Sariana was a cool, confident business-woman, an outcast from the East determined to regain her rightful status. Gryph was an intense mercenary respected and feared throughout the opulent cities and savage frontiers of the West. But from the moment they met, fate made them one. Was it their destiny to be bound to a powerful force that both captivated and frightened them? When Sariana and Gryph join forces in a dangerous quest to save their world, their love is tested to its limits - sweeping them into undreamed realms of shimmering, shattering ecstasy.
This description doesn't really touch on the paranormal elements... Amazon has a good review/description of the book posted though.
Now... back to work for me! Although the room itself is now finished I'm still dealing with the fall-out (messy and disorganized) that it caused in the rest of the house. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Contests... contests... and more contests....

Here's a rundown of some of the interesting contests I found during my recent search:

My top contest pick.... *keeping my fingers crossed*
For November, Angela Knight is giving away a signed Advanced Reading Copy of BEYOND THE DARK, which contains her novella, Dragon Dance.
Enter Contest Here!

Win a copy of Shelly Laurenston's THE MANE EVENT and PACK CHALLENGE along with a Shelly Laurenston carry-all bag.
Enter Contest Here!

Enter Meljean Brooks' contest for an Advance Copy of the 5th book in her Guardian series DEMON NIGHT.
Enter Meljean’s Contest Here!

Win a bounty of books from Kathryn Caskie.
Enter Contest Here!

Enter Linda Conrad's to win a $30.00 gift certificate to Walmart, a box of Godiva, and the entire six book set of Linda’s Night Guardian series! I won one of Linda's contests for the whole Night Guardian series previously so I'm not entering this one but I thought I'd let y'all know about it - the series is interesting and well-written.
Enter Linda’s Contest Here!

Starting November 10th and going through Dec. 22nd, you can enter for a chance to win a signed copy of Julie Miller's AT YOUR COMMAND, along with one backlist title--winner's choice! All you have to do is email her your answer to a multiple-choice question about which cover is HOTTEST. This one was my choice...

Is this smokin' or what???
Enter Contest Here!

Win a signed ARC of Gemma Halliday’s upcoming release UNDERCOVER IN HIGH HEELS and some High Heels goodies.
Enter Contest Here!

And finally, Bertrice Small is giving away a $50 gift certificate to Borders Books this month.
Enter Contest Here!

Happy Entering!!!!

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Savage by Lila Dubois

Book 2 of the Zinah
by Lila Dubois

Savage, the second story in the Zinah series, is the story of Anleeh, the ex-Zinah called "Lord Justice." Anleeh is tasked by the King and Queen to facilitate agreements between the people of his homeland, the Den, and the new monarchy. His companion for this venture, Siara, is the Headmistress of the Temple College who longs for adventure. But adventure is not the only reason Siara is eager for the journey - the chance to explore her great attraction and long-denied feelings for the former Zinah is an opportunity she can't pass up.

The Den are brutal and raw in their passions. The mixture of submission and wildness is highly prized (and expected) in the women and at first Anleeh is reluctant to subject a female, any female, let alone a sheltered, plain pigeon like Siara to such conditions. He also harbors a secret fear that returning to his homeland will trigger his "beast", the one that made him the pride of the Den but which he has learned to control during his years of service as a Zinah.

As they journey through the lands and Anleeh begins Siara's training in the ways of Den culture and sexuality, he soon learns that Siara, though not of the Den, has her own "beast" and it is a powerful match for his. But can she accept and love him once she sees the reality of his beast in all its brutal glory in action?

I loved Savage even more than Forbidden (book 1) – which was a major emotional rollercoaster that I think we (as readers) and the characters had to experience before we could get to this point and move on in the series. I was completely absorbed in Savage by page 10 and couldn’t tear myself away from it long enough to even put the laundry in the dryer. I HAD to know what happened next!

Both Anleeh and Siara are well-rounded and realistic characters (for a paranormal-type book). They both have their own insecurities and flaws - they are not perfect cookie-cutter characters but rather a mixture of vulnerability and strength. Anleeh is alpha and a dominant male although not in a “me say, you do” sort of way – not even during the ‘training’ sessions but he is vulnerable to his need for control of his beast and his desire for acceptance of that same beast. Siara is highly intelligent, which often causes her to examine the world around her in a methodical, analytical way, but she also a woman who longs to explore her passions but only with the warrior she secretly fell in love with at first site so many years ago. The fact that she is not the average ‘perfect-body hottie heroine’ makes her even more interesting to me – although Anleeh (and the other warriors of the Den) think she’s pretty damn sexy!

The story was well-paced and moves forward in both the action and the emotion at a steady pace to the climax of the storyline. Most of the story takes place on the journey and revolves around the budding emotions of the two and Anleeh preparing Siara for Den life. In that part, I actually felt most connected to Anleeh but the most emotional scenes (IMO) come once they reach the land of the Den and then I felt more connected to Siara because of her experiences and emotions related to the cultural differences, specifically the violence and public expression of sexuality and because of her new awareness of self and power that she gained from being ‘trained’ on the trip there.

Overall, I rate Savage as a KEEPER. Not only is it highly erotic, it’s emotionally engrossing and actually rather intellectually stimulating – I see the author’s anthropological background shining through Siara in some parts of the story.

Learn more about the author, Lila Dubois.

Buy Savage, now available from Liquid Silver Books.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update & some randomness

Savage is here (YAY!) and I forgot to post that it was available now on Monday. Actually, when I posted that it was only "two more days 'till Savage" on Sunday I was off by about a day... I seem to be in a time-warp right now and can't figure out what freaking day it is. *sigh* I downloaded it late Monday night but haven't had time to read it yet.

I did re-read Ritual of Proof by Dara Joy in random bits of free time this week. I enjoy the book but it's such an alternate warped reality from what we are used to in romance novels. I can't help but be TOTALLY fascinated with any writer who can create such a story and make it enjoyable. Still, whenever I read it I feel a vague internal sense of wrongness throughout because it is so opposite of the what society considers the "norm" - it really is an interesting piece of romance literature.

I'm in the middle of reading Atlantis Awakening by Alyssa Day right now (because Savage on my PDA and a hot bath just don't mix - so I had to choose a regular book to start instead). Atlantis Awakening is KICKING BUTT and takin' names so far.

So, what is everyone else reading?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Only 2 more days 'till SAVAGE!!!!!!!!

Find out more about Lovely Lila's contest HERE!

Find out more about Book 1 of the Zinahs HERE!

Which Zinah is your Match?

AnleehThat sexy fun exterior hides a dark and dominant side. Want to know more? Check out Anleeh's story, Savage, available November 5.
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