Saturday, June 23, 2007

Where are all the honest reviews?

Obviously, my blog is so new that those little rubber pointy things are still on the tires. So I've been working on it a little today, mainly adding some links to romance review and news sites.

I'm not big into using 'reviews' to decide what to buy. I count on my own experience, friends recommendations, and excerpts because I don't generally trust the big-name review sites to be honest.

On most of the popular review sites, I find that their taste is either quite opposite of mine - which IS possible since no two people read a book and come away with the exact same reaction - or that positive reviews are being given out pretty much across the board. I just hate that. Why do they even bother? It's so not helpful to readers!

I LOVE reviews that tell me what is great about a book and also what is bad (in the reviewer's opinion, of course). If it's great but has a few issues that bothered you - say so. And if a book is total shit, why lie? BE HONEST! It's only one person's opinion. Other people can take it or leave it. Sites that offer positive reviews all-around benefits the author, the publishers, and the booksellers. NOT the reader that purchases a book based on a glowing recommendation.

As an avid reader, I'd much rather go into a book knowing that there is an element that I might not like but that the rest of the book is basically good. When I'm caught by surprise with something I don't like in the middle of the book it can skew my whole reading experience, it throws me off my stride, but if I'm somewhat prepared then it is easier to overlook the 'problem' and enjoy the rest of the story. My brain notices and dismisses it instead of zeroing in on it.

The real point of this post is that I'm having a horrible time finding review sites that post reviews that I somewhat agree with (because it's my blog and I get to choose. LOL!) or even just sites that I think are being fair and honest in their reviews. From what I've seen... there just aren't that many that are willing to point out the bad too. Most of them read like PR sites for the books.

I'd really love some recommendations for sites with honest info & reviews!


Y said...

I agree, and since i am not the one with all the know i count on your BRUTAL honesty. we should come up with a new word cause "review" impies, "even if we hate your book we will say nice things about it", so what do you think....let me know if you come up with something *grin*

Lila Dubois said...

I think you already have my recommendations. ;)

You're exactly right about people's opinions being the same, and that reviewers should just be honest about what they liked and didn't like about a book.
Welcome to blogland!

Ange said...

I got almost ALL the sites from you, Lila! LOL!

Thanks again! You're awesome!

Ange said...


Hmmmmm... I can't think of a word. I'll have to get going on the thesaurus.

Anybody else have any ideas?

Jen said...

Ange, great job on the blog.

I agree with you 100%. If I'm going to buy a book based on a review, I want to read an honest review. Not some "suck up to the author" kind of review. I mainly buy books based on the recommendations from my online buddies. Their opinions I've come to trust.