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Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu - I recommend it!

I read Soul Song by Marjorie M. Liu (I was blessed with an ARC).
There were a few surprises and some humorous scenes, such as the one where M'cal and Koni are trying to warm Kit after... *zipping lips* Whoops! Sorry... can't tell... *wicked chuckle

Kit, the heroine is actually Delilah's friend from Tiger's Eye, which I didn't realize until I read Soul Song (they went to the club to listen to her play the 'fiddle' if that jogs your memories). Well, it turns out that Kit has 'powers' of her own, the ability to 'see' future deaths - but only death from murder. She wasn't as 'cool' as I visualized her from her brief appearance in Tiger's Eye, she seemed like a sassy, hip chick then, but in Soul Song she actually seems more set apart from others because of her ability and her desire NOT to see the the future deaths.

I liked Kit a lot, she is both compassionate and determined - actually, I believe stubborn is the description used by others in the book but that works too! She draws the attention of a powerful witch when she attempts to help a woman who's death she foresees.

M'cal is a shapeshifter that is rare, even among his own kind, with the powerful ability of song. He can compel and even kill with his voice but he is enslaved by a witch and forced to use his gift to hunt and steal souls. He is sent (compelled) by the witch to take Kit's soul but he sees the power and beauty of her spirit, hears her rich, vibrant music and struggles to fight the witch’s command. Only Kit has the power, the 'song', inside her to provide him with some relief from the torture but he is afraid that the compulsion will take hold of him and drive him to steal her beautiful soul, leaving an empty shell.

The 'songs' and music are obviously important elements of the story and Liu did an excellent job of describing Kit's inner music and M'cal's song and how these powers worked and interacted both individually and together. The chemistry between the characters is outstanding. It is powerful, deep, and hot. M’cal and Kit begin to rely on and draw strength from each other – they are partners as well as lovers/mates.

This book, much like the others in the series, had a plot individual to these characters while still furthering the story-line of the series. Neither Kit nor M’cal are employed by Dirk & Steele but there are some appearances from past characters that are members of the organization – including shapeshifter Koni who adds humor to many scenes with his slightly sarcastic, dry wit.

As always, Liu has provided an exciting tale of two lost hearts forming an unbreakable bond in a setting filled with danger and a united purpose. Readers will be riveted from the very first paragraph. Be prepared to read this all in one sitting because it will be hard to put down!

You, my book-y friends, know that I'm critical (OK, a jaded bitch) about the books I read. I usually notice several things that don't 'work' for me in any book. However, I can't come up with anything for this book. *gasp* I KNOW... the sun has fallen from the sky, cats and dogs are living in harmony, mass hysteria and chaos in the streets. I thought hard about it too... it was almost a matter of pride to find something wrong with it but this book just worked for me. It was easy to get into, engrossing, and exciting. And hot... did I mention hot? Other than a few small questions, which I can't talk about because they would be definite spoilers, there was nothing that set off my 'spidey senses' LOL!

The release date for Soul Song is July 3rd. WRITE IT DOWN! This is a great book.!

Hot cover, right?
This guy, Nathan Kamp, is appearing on A LOT of romance covers recently. KMM did an interview (audio) with him and also has a photogallery.

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o.k. you already know but i will make it internet public info... I am insanely jealous that you already have read this story!!! and because you *grin* i am happy for you too. i can't wait for this to come out and when it does don't expect to hear from me till i have finished it. lol.

love that you started a blog i will add it to my daily blog visits!!