Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Recommendation

Because we've been remodeling the kids' bedroom, I haven't had much time to read lately (I have read only two books in the last week and that is REALLY bad since I normally read 1-2 a DAY!) but one of the books I read was an oldie but goodie that is one of my favorite futuristic/paranormal romances by author Jayne Ann Krentz so I thought I'd give it a quick mention.
From the back cover:
Sariana was a cool, confident business-woman, an outcast from the East determined to regain her rightful status. Gryph was an intense mercenary respected and feared throughout the opulent cities and savage frontiers of the West. But from the moment they met, fate made them one. Was it their destiny to be bound to a powerful force that both captivated and frightened them? When Sariana and Gryph join forces in a dangerous quest to save their world, their love is tested to its limits - sweeping them into undreamed realms of shimmering, shattering ecstasy.
This description doesn't really touch on the paranormal elements... Amazon has a good review/description of the book posted though.
Now... back to work for me! Although the room itself is now finished I'm still dealing with the fall-out (messy and disorganized) that it caused in the rest of the house. *sigh*

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Kristie (J) said...

I've read quite a few of her futuristics and I have to say I prefer her older ones such as this one more than her newer ones. But still - they are all very good! I think my favourite of all is Sweet Starfire.