Saturday, September 1, 2007

Caressed by Ice out TUESDAY!

Nalini Singh continues her amazing PSY/CHANGELING series with yet another AWESOME story.

Judd is the ultimate weapon, a Psy so deadly that the existence of his kind has been reduced to myth & legends. He left his life and his position as an elite soldier for the Psy Council and brought his family to the SnowDancer den to protect them from the Council's order for their rehabilitation - a life worse than death as a living zombie. Although his other psy family members have found a place for themselves in the pack Judd, the most dangerous, is still looked upon with suspicion by most. However, only Brenna is a threat. Judd needs the emotionless existence of Silence in his mind to prevent himself from losing control of his talent and causing the death of the innocents around him and the sensual wolf-changeling woman is a danger to his control.
Brenna is recovering from the torment of being at the mercy of a twisted serial-killer Psy. The experience of having her mind raped by a sadistic monster has left her with shattered-looking eyes and powers no changeling should possess. The attraction and safety Brenna feels with the coldly-beautiful psy male seems inconceivable but the pull is strong and she turns to Judd when her life and sanity is threatened again.

The body of a packmember, whose death Brenna saw in a ‘dream’, is discovered with marks similar to the ones left by the serial-killer Psy who brutalized Brenna. That mad Psy is dead so who is this new killer… and how is it connected to Brenna?

I absolutely ADORED Caressed by Ice! This is the best book I’ve read since… well, since Visions of Heat was released earlier this year.

I was the tiniest bit afraid that Brenna would be a helpless-victim type of heroine but in reality she is beautifully strong and capable. And Judd is an amazing alpha hero. Ms. Singh did a wonderful job showing us the truth of the man beyond the Psy training, buried under the layers of Silence. I never felt that Judd was truly cold or emotionless and despite the fact that he was an assassin and had done bad things in the past, I saw him as a strong, and noble man doing what he believed was best to protect others.

The progression of the relationship between the characters was captivating, as was the change in Judd. Even as he struggled to maintain Silence for the safety of others, his emotions and connection with Brenna are a painful/pleasure that he can’t refuse. And the love scenes were steamy… who knew that a man from a race of emotionless, sexless people could be that HOT?!? Can you tell that I totally fell in love with him? LOL!

The storyline flowed really well with a great balance of romance & suspense. Ms. Singh included more secondary character scenes (which I ended up skimming the second and third time I read it) than in the previous books but they add necessary background information.

I loved that Brenna kicked ass in the climax of the suspense plot. After being victimized previously, it was awesome that she defended herself and didn’t totally have to be ‘rescued’ again. It was very well-done and reinforced the strength of character and determination of Brenna while still allowing Judd to do the ‘hero’ thing too.

I didn’t want this story to ever end! Nalini Singh has created an extraordinary world & vivid characters for her PSY/CHANGELING series. This is the third book and it’s as fabulous as the first! I seem to fall in love with the first book of a series and then subsequent books are never quite as good as the first to me but so far I am loving every book – it would be too hard to pick a favorite.


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Christine said...

Hi Ange! I am really enjoying Nalini's Psy-Changeling series and can't wait to read Caressed by Ice. I am thrilled to hear that you liked it so much you read it several times. The world building is so unique and allows for so many subplots.... I can't wait to see what Nalini comes up with next!